Food philosophy


"Quality ingredients are key to a great dish, putting flavours together that don’t over power, but enhance each other, allowing the palate to experience familiarity and comfort but also surprise & excitement."


                                                                                                                              -Keith Higginson



  • Creating a menu concept, that works with the clientele targeted, the staff capabilities and kitchen lay out
  • Evaluate existing menu (or proposed menu) for issues in regards to, costing, brand strength, balance, seasonality and keeping up with modern food trends
  • Sourcing suppliers and negotiating competitive pricing for quality ingredients
  • Create menu concept for venue, recipe test and write standard recipe cards for dishes
  • Sales and food cost assessment
  • Sourcing new products to help separate you from your competitors and keep your business up to date
  • Tasting notes for front of house staff to stay informed

Staffing issues


  • Having the appropriate level of staffing on for the level of business expected

  • Recruitment help

  • Identify problem areas of the business front and back of house

In the Kitchen



  • On preparation of new dishes and ways of improving existing dishes

  • On Appropriate hygiene measures, putting systems in place

  • On ways to improve the speed and quality during service

  • On ordering and cost control

  • On quality and consistency

  • Portion control

  • Food safety

  • Stock rotation

  • OH&S systems put in place



Food styling


  • Magazines

  • Cook books

  • Promotional material

  • Website images


Food writing


  • News letters

  • Marketing and promotional material

Food Styling on Plate

Start up business: Get the support you need for the beginning


  • Concept brainstorming

  • Menu design

  • Kitchen design, negotiate pricing

  • Purchasing only the equipment needed and brands that last

  • Sourcing suppliers

  • Staff training

  • Launch support

  • Monitoring consistency and on going training  

Existing businesses


  • Establish how to optimize profit

  • Reinvent or freshen up the business to compete with new establishments

  • Cooking lessons

  • Group or one on one cooking lessons, from basic knife skills to complex dishes

  • Seasonal menu changes

  • Support for special events


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