“Keith Higginson’s food flies low over Spain, Italy, France and Switzerland, but comes together beautifully”


 -Guy Griffin ( Food writer SMH)

“Keith’s experience and enthusiasm in the pre-opening and launch of Aqua Luna was significant in its success”


                                   -Darren Simpson (celebrity chef and restaurateur)


“Keith has a tremendous interest in food and a strong grasp of modern cooking trends. He is also a proficient cook with a good palate”


               -Robbie Miller (chef owner of Michelin starred restaurant Shanks) 


“In assisting with the opening of Sartoria he helped to make the restaurant a success and enduring fixture on the London scene. He thus proved early to be a key member of the kitchen management team”


                                    - Darren Simpson (celebrity chef and restaurateur)

“A talented hard working chef with a large repertoire of cuisines and concepts”


Paul Rankin (celebrity chef and restaurateur)

Working With Keith