FOOD CONSULTING with Keith Higginson



Why use a food consultant?



Having a highly skilled full time employee is hard to come by and expensive, utilizing a consultant chef is a great option to save money and get expert advise from someone who has always been in the industry and knows it inside and out.



Keith's Consulting History


First set up in 2005; the following businesses have used our services


  • Bill Granger

  • Bill & Tony’s Manly

  • City espresso

  • The Boat House on Black Wattle bay

  • Culinary Delight

  • The Hill Eatery

  • Vardis Venues

  • Hello Pizza

  • The Kirkton dinning room

  • The cheeky food group

  • Mondo film

  • Sue Farlie Cunninghame

  • Susie Theordorou


Keith is more than happy to speak with you directly about any food consulting opportunities. He is currently based in Sydney but is happy to talk about national and international initiatives.


Reach Keith on the contact page.